Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Misfortune

My misfortune always seems to take dinosauric proportions! Life always seems to do me an unfair turn. I always seem to be at the recieving end of the stick. When I see people around me, they all seem happier, wealthier, healthier and better off in all ways than I. Lost in that moment, I get despondent.

However, as I reflect at that moment, I find that even in that misfortune there is a lot to be thankful for. There are a lot of people around me who have more critical needs and greater sorrows than I can ever imagine. As I do a flashback of my past, I realise that every tough situation had brought out unknown reserves in me that I never imagined existed. I gained expertise and evolved. I found opportunities that I had'nt seen before. I reached out to people whom I had lost in my climb up but who were important to me. I found new ones who added colour to my life.

Well! Its time to dust myself and carry on with my journey. Maybe the path is new, co-travellers are unfamiliar - yet the journey remains beautiful because I went through this misfortune.

After all, I am who I am because I went through this experience!

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