Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This series is dedicated to my mother who through her own life, gave me lessons on what I should do and to my daughters in whom I am able to see a reflection of who I am.

* * * *
Dear Divya & Amrita

As I sit to write this, there is an overpowering but mixed sense of nostalgia, a feeling of loss, of happiness, of pride in having contributed to your becoming such a fine person that you are today. It’s difficult to see what I write as my eyes blur with tears. I guess its time to let go – to let you explore this beautiful world outside on your own.

Being the protective parent that I am, I am unable to do so without sharing, as it were, some learnings that I myself have had in this long journey from being a pampered young brat, to an immature wife to now a mature business woman, wife, mother and what have you.

I hope you will find some of this useful and relevant as you go along. Some of what I have to say may sound too constraining. You will have to judge for yourself and make your decisions of the right and wrong of it & the choices you make

I want you to know that you will always be loved and cherished for the lovely person that you are. You will always also be special to me as the one person who gave me my first sight simultaneously into my past and future.

Good luck and Take Care!

Love Amma

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